Client Love

{My wife} was so happy to receive her reading that she literally burst into tears. It was in fact the perfect gift. I’m happy to know that she’s receiving exceptional guidance from such a kind and talented individual like yourself.
— Michael L.
Sylvia was quick to point out my recent chaotic moments, and suggested helpful ways to see, assess and ground. I was left feeling empowered, full of light and love. The gal has a gift.
— Tish A.
That reading you gave me has taken on new levels of meanings. Everything is changing and your reading is making more and more sense. And it resonated before! Now? Hang on to your hat! My hat has blown off. I need a new hat. And so, once again I have to say THANK YOU for sharing your gift.
— Micki H.
Everything Sylvia wrote was so intuitive and touched on things there was no way she could have known. After the first paragraph, I started crying. It was incredible that her writing spoke so directly and accurately to my heart and what I was going through. The reading is done in such a beautiful, relatable and easy to read way. The popular culture references are so poignant. She has a real gift and the guidance, confidence and reassurance she gave me is priceless.
— Alex Rose W.
I am not easily surprised, shocked or left speechless. You did it, I am still struggling to find the words to express how I feel about it. You reached a place in my soul that nobody knows about. You did give me a light to look forward to, thank you for that, it’s what I think I needed to hear. Wow. Thank you.
— Andrea M.
What Sylvia channeled from my guides was very accurate and confirmed things that I was seeking clarity on. She answered my MANY questions related to the reading. This was truly an awesome experience and I would recommend doing it 100%!
— Mariel A.
It all resonates with me, literally every single thing. Thank you for this gift you bring the world.
— Emily H.
Your reading was intensely accurate. So much so that it took me a few weeks to process it all. I am grateful for your gift and grateful for you taking the time to read and impart powerful guidance on this journey of mine.
— Tui A.
I was left speechless and am still in awe. I’ve read it 5 times already! I carried your messages with me all day today and it was magic. I had no idea what to expect and I was blown away. The way in which you relay the messages you receive is so unique and relatable and easy to connect with! All love.
— Allison O.
I started to read and I started to cry. That song, Sylvia! My cousin would sing it! I’ve spoken to him twice in my dreams, and it feels so good to know that it wasn’t in my imagination. To know that he has heard me gives me some closure. Thank you so much for giving me this gift.
— Georgina V.
Thank you so much for this. On the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death, I woke up in the middle of the night right at the time of his passing. I was wide awake and sent your reading to my sisters so they could wake up on that tough day and read it. On what would have otherwise been a difficult day, instead it ended up being whimsical and entertaining. We laughed, we happy cried, we watched YouTube clips you referenced and listened to songs you mentioned, too. Your reading was the best kind of distraction for our broken hearts. Instead of mourning the loss of our favorite guy, we celebrated him. All of us have enjoyed reading and rereading your work this holiday and it brought peace, comfort and joy. And for that I thank YOU.
— Caitlin R.
Thank you for the wonderful session- it was a potent force in my beloved awakening. Thank you for holding space for me.
— Diedra R.