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Quick Links


Use Spotlight as the bare minimum for your day. It includes the Daily Energy Maintenance Protocol (ground/cleanse/protect).

Lighthouse Express is great to set up for journaling, any time of day. It’s a good alternative for Spotlight, and it’s meant to focus on amplifying your psychic senses, and putting you in direct contact with your Team.

PM Power Down is a pre-bedtime cleanse to help you get to sleep in a peaceful way, nice and filled up and safe in your bubble.

Resources & Extra Fun

Lighthouse: Root to Rise Spotify playlist

SuperSoul Sessions: The Anatomy of Trust by Brené Brown, includes BRAVING acronym (22:49)

Liz Gilbert & Marie Forleo (32:58)

Sister Joan Chittister: The Time is Now SuperSoul Sunday (41:50)

Heal Your Body with Your Mind The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes and Dr. Joe Dispenza (1:17:43)

Heal documentary on Netflix (1:46:00)

Week 2:

Gratitude Kata video (4:44)

Week 3:

Interview with my friend Sachié - IG @sachiealessio - on PSYCH-K and the role of intuition in her life (13:25)

Books by Doreen Virtue PhD - Especially about angels, crystal/indigo children, setting energetic and emotional boundaries as an empath. (Her website isn’t a good resource anymore, since like I mentioned, she’s recently (2018) renounced all of her previous work… So sad, coming from total fear/control energy. But before that, she put a lot of great work out into the world, and helped a lot of people.)

Books by Brian Weiss, MD - Fascinating to see his journey from total scientific/evidence based skeptic (doctor!) to how he stumbled onto the opportunity to discover and explore reincarnation through his therapy work. Start with Only Love is Real. Really helps to have that macro view of our life/lives, and how everything fits together and plays into our current life/situation/lessons.

Abraham Hicks - Esther Hicks channels a collective energy that goes by the name Abraham. The Secret was based on their work with the Law of Attraction and manifestation. They have tons of free YouTube videos of their seminars, just search for Abraham Hicks. I mentioned Abraham when I was talking about the idea of allowing and releasing resistance.

The Bridge Experience with Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles





Emotion Code

Week 4:

Oprah’s Commencement Speech: Everything is always working out for me.

Moana clip: Aligned intention + action = Universal magic and support

Madonna Badger: Filled with Love TEDx

Chladni plates: Get your energy (frequency, vibration) right first, always!

I still have more meditations to edit for you, so stay tuned! I’ll announce them on FB <3