The How


Believe it or not, you have a whole team of Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones in Spirit at your side. And even if you don't think you see, hear, or feel them... Chances are, if you've ever had a "gut feeling" or "hunch" about something, or someone, then you have most likely been in direct contact with your Team.

But... How does this stuff actually work?

To completely oversimplify years of study, training, and research, spirit communication is like attending a meeting on the 2nd Floor of a high rise building. As humans on Earth, we're on Ground Level. Our Guides, Angels and loved ones who have passed usually hang out on the 3rd Floor (or higher). I just happen to have access to the elevator that can take us to the 2nd Floor, where we can all meet in the middle.

Actually, through a ton of practice and meditation, anybody can have access to the 2nd Floor. But just like we can work out our body to build muscle or up our fitness, developing our spirit communication muscle takes consistency, intention, and dedication.

Just like any job, this one comes with a whole arsenal of available tools, and every person has their own individual strengths and preferences. Some people use cards, while others use tea leaves, or a pendulum. There’s also a practice called psychometry, which allows a reader to tune into the energy of an object by holding it.

There are many ways to do it, but all the tools simply serve as an anchor to help pinpoint and connect with a specific person’s energy. Still, some people prefer to not work with tools at all.

The way I normally work is that I "tune in" to a person's energy by looking at their photograph, and as long as I have their permission, I can connect with their Higher Self and their Spirit Team, which consists of their Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones who have passed on.

Just like tuning into a specific radio station, when I tune in, I receive a transmission of signs and symbols based on my own frame of reference, that I then have to interpret for you in a way that would get the message across. Each message can be any combination of sounds, emotions, physical sensations, knowingness and images or mini “movies”, all happening in my mind, in a very quick and subtle way.

When my clients validate the information I’m getting, THAT is the confirmation the connection is true and steadfast, which ultimately brings comfort with the knowledge that there really is more to life than meets the eye.

Are you curious about how to connect with your Spirit Team on your own?