Stop, Drop and Roll

This week's question comes from the theme of a couple readings I had this week:

Q. What do I do when I'm in resistance?

A. Resistance = Fire. 

No joke! 

Both are capable of doing some major damage if they're not handled quickly. Being burned NEVER feels good. And unless you want the effects of a burn to outlast the presence of actual fire, you have to extinguish the fire, and tend to the burn with lots of TLC. The key to solving everything involves awareness, quick thinking and positive action.


STOP - Notice that you're in the middle of a freak out. Feeling stressed. Feeling annoyed. Feeling... really anything negative. The bottom line is you're not a big fan of whatever's happening in your world right this second. You're wishing it looked like what you wanted it to look like instead. It would be nice. That makes perfect sense. But being stuck where you are while wishing you were somewhere else is only making you feel worse, and it's not getting you any closer to where you'd rather be. So... Choose to stop and notice where you are and accept that you're in resistance in the first place.

DROP - Here's where your intuition comes into play, because this can be a play on words. Pick what resonates with you in that moment. Drop... what you're doing. Drop... into your heart. Drop... into prayer/meditation/journaling. Drop... into your body. Drop... and gimme 20. Drop... the story. Drop... the shoulds. Drop... the illusion of control. Drop... the Type-A I-can-make-this-happen-and-I-don't-feel-feelings facade BS. Allow yourself the space to acknowledge and truly feel the root of the underlying resistance. Get curious. And then DROP your current approach (cuz it ain't working!), and try something new.

ROLL... with it! You've accepted the situation. You've investigated, acknowledged, and processed your feelings. You've decided to let go of your ineffective approach, trying to fit the square peg in the round hole, and trying to muscle your way through the moment. The fact is that you are where you are. What can you do RIGHT NOW that will make you feel better now? What can you do RIGHT NOW that will enable a "have to" to be a little more fun? 

Want to know how I ROLL?

When I'm feeling in resistance, my first priority is to feel good NOW. When I feel good, I can be creative, fun and agile. I can better respond and engage with the situation right in front of me. Solutions flow freely, and people respond better to me when I'm in this positive state. If nothing else, I get the outcome I want more easily and quickly when I feel good. Stop. Drop. Roll. So what does that look like?

I put on a comedy show or listen to my favorite music while I clean the dog poop. Do I love cleaning dog poop? No. It still stinks. But I still get to have a good time.

This even works with parenting! Anytime I'm getting pushback from my toddler when I'm trying to (brush her teeth/change her diaper/change her pants/get into the car seat/live/breathe) I can turn just about anything into an adventurous make believe game. Or I can put on some music and make up a dance. I can give her DIY privileges. And then usually, she's more open to doing the exact thing I want, and suddenly we both have an easier time of it.

ROLLING can be as simple as a change in perspective. If you don't have the time or energy to do much else, you can take a deep breath and ask your intuition: "How can I see this differently right now?" or  simply say "I choose to let go of control." Breathe and listen for an answer or an idea. You will likely feel like you're making it up... But the more you do it, you'll be able to build your trust in your answers over time.

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Sylvia Hendershott