Reading the Signs

Before I make any decision, I tune in to my guidance to see if it's the right move for me to makeAnd thenI follow what I get, even and especially when it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I've been doing this for long enough to have total trust in the signs I get, because they've been RIGHT. Always.

Every single step of this entire journey has been like following bread crumbs from my Spirit Team, from picking up a certain book, to signing up for a class that caught my eye. I've met the best people, had the most magical opportunities, and I've had the best time, just by taking the next right step and the next.  

Which brings me to this week's question:

Q. How do I know when my Spirit Guides are trying to get my attention, and what does it mean when they finally do?

A. Here in the physical world, it's so easy to get caught up in the stress and overwhelm of the day to day, and when we're caught up it, it's easy to forget that we have an entire Team that's ready and waiting to jump in and help us at all times.

By using our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and impulses, our Spirit Team is constantly trying to simply remind us that they're thereIf we know that we're supported and guided, then it's easier to let go of control and fear, and trust in the way that our life is unfolding.

The more you start to play with signs, the more you'll start noticing them, and your trust muscle will inevitably get stronger. If we feel something is significant, that that's validation enough. What means something to you might not mean anything to the next person. So if you connect something that feels special to you, then trust that that occurrence is 100% meant for you.

Here are a few examples of signs from Spirit:

We might start to see certain number patterns all the time, like 11:11am on the clock, or $12.34 on a receipt. The surface message is simply to get back into the present and reconnect with your intuition. If you'd like to learn more about number combinations, there's a whole world of deeper and nuanced meaning for each sequence!

We might see our birthday, or a significant date belonging to a loved one who has passed. I see my father-in-law's birthday everywhere. Now I do what I'd normally do when he'd say hi. I say hi, back. And then I move on with my day, just as I would have when he was physically here.

We might suddenly get the urge to go to the local animal shelter to donate those old towels that have been sitting there for weeks... today, right now. The first time this happened, my husband and I were in for a big surprise and love at first sight with a terrier mix named Dudley, who ended up being the perfect addition to our family. The second time this happened, I was in for a serendipitous "chance" reunion with a dear friend, who had also felt inexplicably compelled to visit the animal shelter that afternoon. 

We might suddenly remember the feeling or smell or taste of a dish that a grandmother used to make for us when we were little, or the smell of her clothes, or the feel of her warm, pudgy, soft hands. Even when we're doing something completely unrelated. Happy memories feel good in the present, and the love that we received in the past is also love that have access to, now. Our loved ones know that, and visit often to remind us that even though we don't see them in the same way we used to, they're still very much around and only a thought away.

We might have a specific physical sensation when we have a certain idea or when something feels right. We might feel a chill. Or we might get hot, like a hot flash. It might be a tingle in our gut. Or the the impulse to take a deep breath. Diff'rent strokes. Obviously, rule out any physical causes for these, first. But if you pay attention, you'll start to realize that it's more than just coincidence to have a specific physical sensation accompany pretty much every significant moment or decision of your life...

We might find special treasures just when we need reassurance that we're on the right track. White feathers. A blue jay. A bee. A penny. My father-in-law connected coins. I find dimes and see his birthdayall the time.... 10:10pm. In an address. In total or change amounts. My grandma's name was Rosa. I see or smell red roses whenever she's around. Start to pay attention to the pattern. If you're not sure if something is a sign, then ask your Team for more than one! 1 or 2 things could still be coincidence. 3? That's harder to explain away. It's a fun game to play with your crew, all in service of helping you to feel loved and remind you to lighten up and enjoy the ride!

And the most recent one:

We might come across a billboard, or license plate, or commercial jingle that delivers the exact message we need to hear while we're chewing on a problem or decision. 
As I drove to the store to purchase crystals to give away at the event this weekend, I was feeling the familiar "opening night" buzz. Anticipation. Excitement. Jitters. A couple ounces of terror.

I know it'll be great, but... Hoping that it all goes well. Running through the mental checklist to make sure I thought of everything. Praying that everything goes smoothly so that I make it there on time. If I'm late I won't have time to get settled, and then I won't be able to do readings, and then, and then, and then....

As I made a left onto Magnolia, I "happened to" glance at the license plate of a car waiting at the red light. It said: "JUS B YOU".

Just be yourself, Sylvia. 

At that point, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I needed to be doing. And I knew the event would be a success. 

And it was!


Is there anything in this answer that sparked another question? What else would you like to learn about? Email me with more of your questions, and they might be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

Sylvia Hendershott