A Holiday Message from My Guides

Hi! It's Sylvia.

Are you confused? No, it's not Groundhog Day yet, and you're not living Tuesday all over again. But I had the BEST time at Universal Studios yesterday with my family, and the holidays have officially gotten the best of me, so here I am, coming at your inbox with a dose of holiday love on a Wednesday morning instead. Tada!

Today's format is a little different. I've decided to channel a message from our guides to you all for the holiday season. I hope it brings you some comfort and joy.

{Happy Holidays from my family to yours!}

Let's jump into this week's question:

Q. What do our Spirit Guides want us to know this holiday season? 

A. Because love never dies, and time and space don't exist on the other side, the bottom line is that our loved ones in Spirit and our Spirit Guides and Angels are always close by and we are never truly alone. According to my Guides, we are put on this planet to have a physical adventure and learn soul lessons together. The word that keeps coming in is "Together", and it's underlined, which means that there is a major emphasis on it. Together with our loved ones in life, and with our Team on the other side, we all go through life. We make mistakes. We learn. We grow. We have fun. Together.

We are called to activate our childlike wonder and play, especially around the holidays, because that is what helps us to stay open to seeing the magic that is all around us. The "magic of the season" is there to highlight the magic that is actually present us year-round, but many of us are only able to access that feeling with the help of external conditions. Cheesy holiday movies. Hot chocolate. Lights. Presents. Carols. 

The occasion is simply an annual opportunity to notice, celebrate and appreciate what we often forget to take time for during the year. The people we love. The good and humanity in us all. The time we share, together. It's an invitation to extend the magic throughout the rest of the year, to spark our spirit and connection, and foster that feeling year-round. Aseason of giving? A Thanksgiving Day? What about the rest of the year?

Still... All we can do is our best. I'm seeing a family in the hospital, bringing in a Christmas tree to help bring a festive mood to the most difficult of times, while the family across the hall can't even fathom or muster an ounce of it. It makes complete sense for many of us to not be in the spirit, and that is completely ok and valid. Many of us use decorations and music and traditions as a cue to help jumpstart the feelings of love, magic, and togetherness. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. We are human after all, not machines. What works for us and feels right one year might not work another year. And that's ok. (Judging and "should-ing" and expectations never make anything easier or more fun, and that is not something our guides ever want for us, ever!) The choice is always ours, whenever we're ready. It is up to us to open our hearts to magic and joy, and it is our privilege to open or close that door at any time, holidays or not, hard times or not. 

It turns out that it's a feedback loop - as we implement traditions and spend time together over the holidays, these traditions start to take on personal meaning for us, and as we invest in the time together, and we continue the traditions year after year, we keep the cycle going. The rituals in themselves are completely meaningless; it takes love, care, and time for them to morph into something entirely different. If we're not feeling it, we can either choose to take the external approach in an attempt to jump start things, or not. Both options are fine. Whatever feels right is the right choice. 

For many of us, the holiday season and its focus on togetherness and community just ends up highlighting and magnifying the absence of these. For these people the message is two-fold: 1. You are not alone, and as you think about your loved ones in Spirit, they are there with you, hoping that you find a way to bring joy and light into your time here.  2. The people who are meant to love and understand you are out there, but you must open yourself fully to allowing them in. 

What does that mean, to open yourself fully to letting people in?

This is a crucial and advanced lesson that sometimes takes an entire lifetime to learn, if at all. To open yourself up to give and receive love takes so much courage. It means being strong enough in your own identity and light to be vulnerable, knowing that you might get hurt. Taking off your armor completely, and being brave enough to make the first move. No pride. No ego. No passive aggressive comments. No sarcasm.

The image coming in is of Moana, when she returns the heart to Te Fiti, who angrily charges at her. Moana is unafraid as she walks across to meet her. She leads with her heart. Her focus is on loving Te Fiti, and reminding her of her own light. This is what it means to "hold the light" for somebody. 

For anybody feeling afraid, sad or alone this holiday - your guides want to remind you that you are so loved always, and that you are in the driver's seat of your life. You are the star of your own show, and it is up to you to drive the plot forward. You will get what you put out, always. If you want kindness and warmth, where can you be kind and warm? If you want fun and light, how can you be fun and light? When you're ready, it's possible to learn new ways to think and be, and accept others' to have their own timeline, needs, and experience. You are strong and powerful. Anything is possible, if you think it is. 

You are worthy of all the love in the world, across all time and space. You are already so loved, and in fact, most of the time, it's your own perception that stands in your own way. Loneliness. Fear. Grudges. Arguments. If you truly want peace, if you truly want to receive love, then you always have the power to change your life in once instance.

A change of heart. A change of mind. A choice to see a problem differently. 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Wayne Dyer

You deserve to give and receive love because your true nature is love.

And love never dies. 

And you are the same. 

Love. Togetherness. Forgiveness. Compassion. Understanding. Peace.

It all begins and ends with you.

And we are always here to help. We can do this together. All you have to do is remember to ask. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! Thank you so much for being here with me. I hope this message from our guides brings you exactly what you need. Please don't hesitate to reach out to talk about it.

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Sylvia Hendershott