2017: Coming Out

Hi! It's Sylvia.

I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas holiday and I really hope you've been able to spend the day in jammies, watching movies and snuggling with your family.

This year has been such a challenge in so many ways, but it's also been such a blessing. Big changes, major growing pains, so many lessons learned... And for me personally, 2017 will always be the year that I "came out" of the spiritual closet, when I finally stepped into my life's work, after feeling so incredibly lost for so long. 

This Christmas turned out to be a microcosm of 2017, just more of the same: high highs and low lows.

We started the day by opening Santa presents, eating way too many cinnamon rolls, and spending the day as a lazy and happy family. Our "almost 3" year old serenaded us with the ABCs while strumming on her new Elena of Avalor "electric" guitar.

But then... there was an urgent care visit for a close family member who is staying with us, a subsequent flu diagnosis while all pharmacies were either closed or out of flu meds, canceled Christmas plans, and an emergency Rx of vitamins, bone broth and the requisite flu house lock-down sanitation protocol. To top things off, the dog treats that Santa brought made all three of our pups throw up everywhere the entire day, and the kid took a 15 minute nap. There were some tears on my long walk last night.

But here's the silver lining: my super power of spirit communication helps me through these things so quickly. 

As I drove to CVS last night, I decided to focus on feeling good (BOTH Law of Attraction AND sensible action), instead of dwelling on the fear and worry of getting the flu, and the song "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" from Oklahomapopped into my head. I always joke that I spent 2 weeks in the dark by myself while I ran follow spot for the USC School of Dramatic Arts production of Oklahoma my freshman year. And I loved every minute. So I sang my heart out, "I've got a beautiful feelin' everything's going my way" as I remembered all the fun I had that semester. By the time I got to CVS, I was in a fantastic mood. And the parking lot was empty, save for the car next to mine, whose plates happened to be from.... Oklahoma.

Thanks, Spirit Team. 

Then later, after the night unravelled further, and I was out for a long, freezing and tearful solo walk, my Guides basically talked me through everything. I'd been so ready to write off the whole stupid day, to write off the whole stupid year. But as I walked and cried, I realized that there had also been so much good that happened, both in the day and in 2017, that the truth is that I can't write it it all off.

My Guides showed me the half-moon, reminding me of the old glass half-full/half-empty trope. It's all perspective. Both moon half full and half "empty"/dark could be believable and justified, depending on our perspective, and how we choose to see things. But the real, unequivocal and universal truth is that the moon just is. Independently of how it's lit by the sun on any given night, the moon just exists. It's not good, it's not bad, it just is. And as the clouds passed in front of my view, it reminded me that sometimes our vision is cloudy. We can't always see the full picture. And the meanings that we assign to things aren't always accurate or even helpful. 

And then I found myself feeling my own loved ones in Spirit, and wishing I could just have a hug. I missed the way my grandma always understood me perfectly and knew the right thing to say to help me feel better, and how she always gave the best hugs. The way my father-in-law used to make me laugh and get me out of a funk... I decided that after such an awful Christmas (even as I type that, I'm keenly aware that it's not the worst I've seen), I desperately needed some good news immediately, and asked my Guides if they could please send me something positive. In that moment, I had the impulse to check my email, and lo and behold, a message that I'd been anxiously waiting for popped in instantly. It was exactly what I needed, and exactlywhen I'd asked for and needed it, too.

"...Your reading was the best kind of distraction for our broken hearts. Instead of mourning the loss of our favorite guy, we celebrated him. ...All of us have enjoyed reading and rereading your work this holiday and it brought peace, comfort and joy."

I cried so hard.

This client had asked me to do a couple readings as a Christmas gift to her family. I'd been on pins and needles about the whole thing from the beginning, and even more-so after I delivered them a week or two ago. There were so many people who would be hoping to hear from their loved ones, and on such a huge holiday, no less. What if I couldn't deliver? What if this was the first time it didn't work? 


But last night, when I really needed the validation that my loved ones in Spirit are always close-by, when I really needed to feel a hug from them, some kind of a reminder that everything happens for my best and highest good... I asked for help and got exactly what I needed, in the exact moment I needed it. 

I'm so grateful to my Spirit Team for taking such excellent care of me, and reassuring me, time and time again, that there is magic and love, everywhere. That even if we don't understand it, things happen for us, not to us. I'm so grateful that I get to share some of the most special and intimate space with so many of you and your loved ones in Spirit, in service of bringing you comfort and healing. 

I hope my Christmas story brings you some warmth, too. Thank you for being here. I'm sending you the biggest hugs tonight and always, from the bottom of my heart. 



Sylvia Hendershott