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This week's question comes from Diana R.:

Q. How do you use a picture to do a reading? How does that even work?

A. Actually, pretty much anything can be used to do a reading. The point is simply to establish a connection. Just as you might establish a connection with somebody here in the physical world by flashing a warm smile and making eye contact, or making a joke, or sharing a similar past experience, with spirit communication, there are several ways to do it as well. At the present moment, one my most effective ways to get there just happens to be through a photo.

First of all, I always establish sacred space, with only the highest vibration of love and light, and in service of providing love, hope and healing to the person I'm reading. (Just like in the physical world, it's our responsibility to establish clear boundaries with what we will and won't allow in our experience.)

When I look into a person's eyes in a photograph, I can sense how they're feeling in that moment, both on the surface (what they're attempting to telegraph to the world) and just beneath. New images and ideas will start to flash in my mind, and sometimes it happens so fast that I don't even notice that they've popped in. Song lyrics might start to play in my head, or whatever music I'm listening to will suddenly feel significant, as if a certain line or phrase pertains to the situation I'm picking up on.

Many of these images or lyrics are symbolic, so it's up to me to get out of the way and simply offer what's coming in, without making it make sense or adding my own context. Discerning which thoughts and feelings are my own and which are external comes with training and practice.

In order to communicate, Spirit guides and angels use my imagination and direct my physical attention to specific things in my surroundings that will spark a particular line of thinking. Inspiration, new ideas, a "Eureka!" moment - these all happen when we are able to get out of the way and allow our mind to connect to something bigger. 

Most of us already evaluate any picture that we see in this way, even if it's just the beginner version. We can usually tell if somebody's smile is authentic or not. We can usually tell if the person is warm and friendly, or if they give us the heebie jeebies. It's the same thing!

Thanks for submitting a question, Diana! 

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