Starting Up

This week's question comes from Stacy S.:

Q. How did you decide to explore your gifts?

A. I've always felt connected to the Spirit world as a kid, even though I didn't have the language to describe it. I was very empathic and intuitive, but didn't realize that other people didn't have the same way of experiencing the world.

It wasn't until my childhood dog Mac passed away in 2006 that I witnessed the the exact moment of transition from life to death that I realized that there was, without a doubt, a tangible magic to being alive. Seeing the light in his eyes vanish and his body change in that moment crystalized the idea that we are not a body. There was something "else" that made Mac, Mac.

From then on, it was a natural progression, similar to pulling a thread and watching a sweater unravel. Over the years, I read everything I could get my hands on, and I became completely obsessed with shows like medium John Edward's Crossing Over, and all the shows on Louise Hay's Hay House Radio. Every stop led to another expert, which led to another training, which led to another book to study. 

Then when 3 of my close family members passed away in 2012 and early 2013, I started feeling their presence around me, and felt like they were trying to get my attention. I'd see their initials in license plates or graffiti, I'd see the date of their passing or birthday in total amounts at the grocery store or on the clock, and I had vivid dreams in which they'd simply be there to say hello and tell me how much they loved me. (There are so many ways that our loved ones tell us they're close!)

I felt compelled to study energy healing and signed up for a Reiki class, where I "happened to" meet a local psychic medium named Lainey Grace. (After all these years, I don't believe in coincidence.) She invited me to attend her psychic development class and weekly development circle, and I ended up training with her for a couple years before my daughter came along. 

Even though it was challenging as a new mom, I managed to keep up my skills and continued to do readings for close friends, who encouraged me to do this "for real." 

And... Here I am!

Here I am with my boy, Mac.

Here I am with my boy, Mac.

Thanks for submitting a question, Stacy! 

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Sylvia Hendershott