Hear Your Guides

This week's question comes from Lacey R.:

Q. I'd like to hear my guides more clearly. What's my first step?

A. First of all, every single one of us has access to our own guidance and intuition. We all have access to the same knowledge (regardless of what we want to call it), but not all of us feel compelled to explore it on our own, and that's ok. There are plenty of people like me who are happy to help.

However, if you would like to jump in, here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Meditation - Do you remember those old Magic Eye posters from the 90's? In order to see the hidden image in the pattern, you had to relax your vision into not trying to see anything. And when you're trying really hard to sleep, doesn't it get even harder to relax? Meditation is like a short cut to the "not trying" mode. It helps us to breathe and slow down the chatter that surrounds us daily, helping us to relax into rising above the noise. 
  2. Visualization - One way to start meditating is to use your imagination while somebody else guides you in a story. There are a ton of guided meditations on YouTube! There are videos for simple relaxation, or grounding and cleansing your energy body, and even some for meeting a spirit guide... All of these are great, and at the very least, it will give you something to focus on other than how hungry you suddenly are, and how much you need to scratch your nose. (PS: Nobody needs to be a monk. Have a snack. Scratch your nose. Try again. No biggie. Your spirit team isn't going anywhere.)
  3. Writing - After you meditate and get quiet, it's the perfect time to journal. This is a common to draw out exactly what's happening on the inside; we often don't know what will come out until we start writing. Even if you're just writing "I don't know what to write" for a bit, just keep your pen moving- something always comes up. (Great trick from my 8th grade writing teacher, Ms. Phillips.) If our intention is to hear from our "Highest Self", without the confusion of the ego/control/human mind getting in the way, then that's exactly what we'll get. We are in the driver's seat of our own mind and focus and energy at all times, but we need to develop the skill, and remember to use it in the first place!


Thanks for submitting a question, Lacey!

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Sylvia Hendershott