I love Autumn

This week's question comes from Cindy K.:

Q. What can I be doing to set the tone for Fall?

A. The jump from Summer to Fall is a major transition! The season change (especially an Equinox) is a helpful marker in the year to get us back into gear after the long and bright days of summer. 

Maybe it's the shorter daylight hours, or maybe it's the start of the traditional school year, but it's undeniable that Fall comes in with a sense of urgency, a spirit of "Back to Business". Knowing the holidays and the end of the year are just around the corner calls into question all of the goals that we set back in January. 

Right now is a fantastic time for a tune up! You can do a spiritual cleanse of your body and your space. Here are some practical tips:

Spiritual work is all about intention. However you choose to reset everythingis the best way to do it, for you. Whether that's a bath, or an essential oil spray, or a smudge with sage or palo santo, the choice is yours. Set your intention that your special activity or ritual will cleanse and reset you, and that's what it will do!

As for practical action steps, why not take this opportunity to do a deep clean and get around to the things that get reprioritized and shuffled off the list? Rotate your mattress. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms. Schedule a facial or haircut. Clean your windows and baseboards!

Treat yourself to some sensory goodies:  Fall candles or essential oils. A pumpkin spiced latte or chai tea. Reassess your summer habits and adjust them to whatever feels good and works for you now.

You want to know what I did?

I saged myself and the whole house, did laundry, grocery shopping, cleaned the floors and redecorated my living room mantle. I bought flowers as a special treat. I bought a yummy Fall candle, did some intention setting and journalling, and then I took a delicious bath. Yay Fall!

Above all, do what brings you joy.


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Sylvia Hendershott