Riding the Wave

Hi! It's Sylvia.

Did anybody else feel that last week?

For whatever reason (the new moon? my nasty cold?), last week just wiped me out across the board. Where there's usually enthusiasm, curiosity and humor, all I had in me was radio silence. I could only muster the simplest use of my five senses. Observation. Every time I even had to formulate a thought and articulate it verbally, you know, to be a participatory human, was so incredibly draining. So there was no Tuesday email from me last week.

In the past, I would have fought it. I would have resisted. I would have made it mean that I'm so lazy. So undisciplined. Unreliable. And I would have gotten so frustrated. And angry that I was feeling so out of it. And upset that no matter what I did, I could get myself to snap out of it. It would have turned into a monthlong shame spiral.

But this time, I was able to see it for what it was: the biggest gift of time and space. All this silence meant that I got to read new books that I've been "too busy" to read. I watched new documentaries that I've been putting off for a more convenient time. I rested. I listened to podcasts that sparked my curiosity. And now, just a few days later, I'm feeling even more connected and inspired than before.

We are not machines. We are not meant to be in consistent output production mode.

Our entire life is measured by and divided into seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Night and Day. The menstrual cycle. Birth, life, aging and death. We talk about growth spurts as a normal part of child development, in which a child might eat and sleep like crazy just before sprouting a couple inches or upgrading their mental systems overnight.

Why, then, does it make sense to hold ourselves to such a disparate and unnatural standard? What if our "grown-up" growth spurts follow the same exact format?

Without being still and being open to receive (new knowledge, new ideas, inspiration, rest), we have nothing new to try, be, do, or think in our own world, and we certainly cannot pretend to create, lead, or inspire with tired, old knowledge, and a tired, old mindset. Without listening and learning, there is no growth, and nothing to speak and teach about. 

The big secret?

No matter how hard, no matter how frustrating it might feel, whatever we're experiencing right now is perfect. 

All the new knowledge that came into my life last week all "happened to be" relevant to exactly what I was feeling. Intuitive hits were still coming in consistently. Synchronicities were still happening constantly. So, me letting go and leaning into rest and being still (Sparkle 2018!) actually allowed the Universe to flow me exactly what I was meant to receive, and my awareness and openness actually expedited the process.


Let me know if you've experienced something similar, and what you did to move through it. I'd love to know what you learned!

Sylvia Hendershott