A Word for 2018

Hi! It's Sylvia.


It's officially 2018, and according to my social media feed, and the extra packed parking lots at the local hiking spots, everybody is feeling optimistic and energized! To kick off the year, I've planned a special 3-part series to help us all incorporate new, fun practices to carry that magical spirit through the rest of the year. 


A lot of people make resolutions for the new year, but instead, I like to pick one word for the year. 

It's like signing up for a class, or loading a learning program (oh hi, Matrixfans) for the year. Every issue, setback and opportunity that year suddenly seems to present with an added layer of awareness to it, pertaining specifically to my word. The key is to make it something that feels expansive and positive (e.g. You can scrap "I want to lose 10 pounds" and replace it with "Health" or "Vibrant" or "Alive" or whatever word that inspires you. Bonus points if the word captures a quality you want to embody to your core.)

For example, 2017's word was ABUNDANCE. I could have made it finances, but it was bigger than that. I could have made it budgeting, but that sounds like zero fun and makes me want to stab my eyes out. 

Yes, I wanted to have clarity in my finances, formulate a budget, and pay my bills, but those decisions were a natural progression of developing a positive relationship to money, within an abundant mindset. I read money and abundance books. I watched YouTube videos. I listened to podcasts. I learned. I took action. I learned some more. (Jen Sincero's books are a great place to start, if you'd like to explore my approach.)

But abundance is so much more than just money.

I wanted to foster an abundant feeling in every single aspect of my life. Abundance is a wealth of close and meaningful relationships. Abundance is trusting the magic of the universe when special gifts fall into my lap (residual checks in the mail, family dropping by with a delicious snack, beautiful and free clothing, perfume, makeup, a Mickey Mouse waffle maker I'd been eyeing just a 1/2 hour before). It's feeling like I have more than enough food or resources to share my lunch and snacks with friends, or donate to the charities I love. It's knowing that I can treat myself to something special, or pick up a gift for a friend, without being terrified or in denial about the numbers in the bank. It's knowing that I always have more than enough money, and the feeling of knowing that there is always more around the corner. (Here's the secret ingredient to Abundance: GRATITUDE. More on that next week.)

2017 was a game-changer of a year, and every single year I've done the WORD, the year has completely transformed everything. But be forewarned: if you really do this, fasten your seatbelt, you're in for a wild ride! Transformation ain't for the faint of heart. 

2014 was YES - We launched a business, ran a successful Kickstarter, went to Coachella, did a kitchen and bathroom remodel, and ended the year with a baby girl on the way. 2015 was CLARITY - We had that baby, and every old stagnant pattern was brought to light to be dealt with once and for all. But damn, it was so needed, and boy did I get the clarity I asked for, and then some. 2016 was JOY, bringing fun, healing, more playfulness and lots of Marie Kondo.

You get the picture. 

So for 2018... The word that came in for me is SPARKLE.

One of my favorite things in life is how a body of water sparkles in the sunlight. The water doesn't need to be or do anything more than just simply show up and exist, in order to be magical and inspiring. It just is. It doesn't have to force anybody to be inspired by it. It just is.

I get caught up so easily in the doing side of things, that I would really love to explore what it means to simply be. To let go of feeling that I need to earn self-care, or do enough to merit external approval would feel so... freeing. And the idea of sparkling allows for the magic of the universe to take over, without me having to drive the bus. This doesn't mean inaction, of course. It just means that all I have to do is show up. Connect. Be inspired first, tune in to my own magical and infinite guidance first, and thentake action. 

{Sidenote: Jess Lively has a Flow with Intention course that breaks this concept down beautifully. I took the Master Class in 2017 (thanks year of Abundance!), and I highly recommend it, especially if you're new to this magical thinking thing. The new round begins February 2018, so check it out. This isn't even sponsored, I just believe in it so much! Jess also has a podcast called "The Lively Show", which is a great intro to her vibe.}

:D I realize that Sparkle might remind people of the movie, or Mariah Carey, or a stripper... but whatever, it's my word! Pick your own word! Make it one that means something to YOU. Who cares if somebody else thinks it's cheesy or dumb?

So, what's your WORD for 2018? What has worked for you in the past?


To a magical 2018!

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Sylvia Hendershott