Morning MVP

Hi! It's Sylvia!

Today's tip is the PERFECT WAY TO CELEBRATE the Super Blue Blood Moon!!! It's a magical time right now, so make sure you go outside and soak it up. And put your crystals out, too :)


This is (finally) number 3 of the 2018 kick-off series I promised! The beginning of January feels like it was a million years ago already, and this blue moon craziness has made the holidays and the Rose Parade a distant memory.

I've found this first month of 2018 to be a very strange mix of hibernation and frenetic energy, with a cocktail of ridiculous viruses, jury duty, potty training, and magnetic moon mojo messing with all my plans. The good news? In order to get myself back to a solid baseline, I've come back to a few practices that made 2017 one of the best years yet, and even through the chaos, I'm feeling pretty good!

Let me introduce you to my biggest MVP:


I'd heard people raving about this practice (and resisted it!) for YEARS, before finally giving in last year. 
Guess what? I credit ALL my good ideas, and the stamina to follow through on them, to this practice. 

Originally introduced by Julia Cameron in her not-just-for-artists book, 
The Artist's Waythe idea is that doing morning pages primes the pump for our creativity and intuition to take over throughout the day. By doing three pages of stream of consciousness writing (obviously in the morning), without edits, without stopping, our mind is able to take a time out and allow whatever wants to come out to come out. It's basically an active meditation practice, but with a tangible product to show for it.

When we don't know what to write, Cameron says to write "I don't know what to write" as many times as it takes for another thought to come in. You'd be surprised what comes out. I never have any idea what's going to happen in three pages. There are no rules, and the random chicken scratch that comes out at the beginning often pales in comparison to the depth and insight that just seems to pours out by the end. And sometimes, I even find I need more than three pages! Who knew?


Here's what I do to take my Morning Pages to the next level:

I take five minutes to meditate first! 
I deliberately connect to my angels and guides, by taking a deep breath and closing my eyes and simply asking them to come in and work with me. I ask that beings of the highest vibration of love and light help me to learn what I need to learn in order to embody that love and light in the world.

If you're not quite ready to jump in with your guides, then doing a quick 5 minute tune up on an app like Headspace is great, too!

What I've found is that when I'm in a crabby mood and skip the meditation,
what comes out is often just mental soup, a very human, ego-filled, randomly sad violin story of whatever complaints I have in that moment. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes it's blah. Very inconsistent. And who has time for that? I want results!

Asking my Team to help me during MP seems to elevate my perspective to theirs, more often than not. If I've been wrestling with an issue, instead of complaining about it and going in circles for three pages, it's like I'm being lifted up to a higher vantage point and can see alternate routes around a traffic jam. It's the same meditative state as taking a shower, when random inspiration comes in with ideas I can't write down... Except, I'm already writing (!), so no ideas fall through the cracks! 

Starting the day in such a positive, high-vibe way sets the tone for the rest of the day, and I feel much better equipped to handle whatever curveballs the day has in store. It's absolutely fascinating!

Try it as often as possible, but as you know, Full Moons are extra magical, so use your special boost and have a great time!


Have you heard of Morning Pages before? I'd love to know if it's worked for you, and if you try my twist, let me know how it goes!

Sylvia Hendershott