Who Is Sylvia?

Wife. mama. Sister. Daughter. And by the way, "I see dead people."

Just kidding... Sorta.

My name is Sylvia Beatriz Hendershott. You can call me Sylvia.

I’m a psychic medium and energy healer, and my Spirit Guides (you have some, too) communicate with signs and symbols that I "see" (in my mind's eye), "hear" (in my mind’s hearing), and sensations that I physically and emotionally feel in my body.

Basically, your people talk to my people, then my people put things in a way that I can understand, so that I can translate those messages into plain English for you.

I've felt connected to Spirit for as long as I can remember, but I never realized that being extremely intuitive and empathic was anything extraordinary. It wasn't until I held and supported my childhood dog Mac through his passing when I was 21, seeing his body and eyes change as his spirit left his body, that I became thoroughly obsessed with learning everything I could about spirituality, The Other Side, and death.

About 7 years later, a few deaths in our family inadvertently opened the Spirit communication floodgates, launching me full tilt into the study of psychic arts and energy healing ever since.

I've trained with established psychic mediums and regularly attend psychic development circles in Los Angeles, where I live with my husband (photographer Adam Hendershott), our three year old daughter, and 3 pups.


Love never dies.

With all the work that I've done over the years, the bottom line, the through-line that connects us all, no matter what, is always simply LOVE. That's IT.

Love is the big secret ingredient. 

Every. Single. Time.


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