5 Days of Magic Meditation and Journaling

5 Days of Magic Meditation and Journaling


*This Bundle is included in Lighthouse Masterclass*

The 5 Days of Magic program is like having me in your pocket for 5 days, doing energy work, healing work, introducing you to your spiritual tools, and opening up your connection to love, abundance, and your Spirit Team.

This is a journey designed to turbo charge your connection to Spirit and turn up your life. This is essentially a spiritual bootcamp-style workout, originally released as the Magic May Challenge in 2019.

You’ll get an instant access to the 5 Days of Magic Guidebook, 2 instructional recordings, and 5 Meditation recordings, each with their own journaling prompts.

It’s the perfect first taste, akin to having a VIP all access pass and guided tour to working with energy and Spirit.

Participants have reported synchronicities, learning to feel energy shifts, aha moments, heart openings, Spirit confirmations and deep healing moments through this experience. Public feedback is shared in the “Magic May” highlights on Instagram @imsylviabeatriz.

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I want this to be a highly accessible way for people to work with me, yet still treat this work as the sacred investment of time, money, attention and intention that it is. Making this, and any investment, in yourself, and your own joy, healing, and growth, is the best thing you can do for the people around you, and for the world.

The work, the love, the healing…

Everything begins and ends with you.